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My Story

My name is Carey " Teets" Cornacchini. 


Yep, you read it correctly - " Teets"


I’ve lived a pretty normal life.  Married to Bob for over 30 years, we have three great kids (well on most days lol!).  We’ve added a wonderful daughter-in-law and are awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild.  (I still can’t believe I’m that old!)  Life has been pretty lovely with the exception of a little cancer. 

Back to that last name . . . “Teets”.  Being born with that name has certainly helped me find my sense of humor.  (Did I really have a choice?) It’s that humor that helped me navigate my journeys with the Big “C”.  And Yes I said journeys.  My first journey with breast cancer was in 2011.  I refer to it as my drive by cancer.  Diagnosed in April completely done with all treatment by June 1st.  I was stage 0/1a – easy peasy in the grand scheme of cancer.  At five years clear, I had a big celebration.  I was done with cancer.  Well you know what they say about best laid plans.  At my six year mammogram, it showed some calcification.  I knew then that I would be having another dance.  The Big “C” decided one dance wasn’t enough, the bastard! I had gone from Stage 0/1a to Stage 3b having clear mammograms until year six.  Talk about being blindsided!  I would be experiencing the full gamut this time: mastectomy, chemo, radiation, and all the side effects.  I knew this journey would be much more intense.  But I also knew from my last journey that it would also be filled with immense love and gratitude. 

Carey in the hospital
me ringing the bell
mom and riley up close
mom and kis st pats parade
me before surgery
first chemo
me and my boys
hug ring the bell
family ring of kerry
boob pops
bob & carey dromoland
boys saving teets

I kept a journal but didn’t blog during my first dance with cancer.  My second journey was much more intense and treatment would be just short of a year.  I began my blog for two reasons:  writing helps me heal and I was tired of discussing it with everyone.  It seemed that each time I talked about it, I was reliving it and it drained me.  Blogging kept everyone informed and gave me an outlet to heal.   Once I wrote about it, the worry, angst or sadness would melt away.  I could let it go.  On most days, I could my humor and would write about it.  Trust me, laughter is the best medicine! 

Gratitude was a major part of both my journeys.  I do know that every day I found my gratitude.  There was always something to grateful for.  Even on a particularly rough day, my gratitude was that I was still able to be here. The gifts and lessons that my cancer gave me and my family are immeasurable.  I experienced joy in the midst of chaos.  I was living my life, not the disease.  As with anything that happens to you in life, attitude is everything.  I had no choice in having cancer (who would choose it?!?) but I did have a choice in how I reacted to it and that gave me back some power.  I chose to look at it as another part of my life journey.  Everyone has a story, everyone has their own mountains to climb.  This was just mine.  My blog is my daily musings of my dance with the Big “C”.   I hope you enjoy reading about my incredible journey and all the gifts it gave me and that it brings you a smile and maybe a laugh or two while you’re on your own journey.  To quote my idol – Erma Bombeck “Laughter rises out of tragedy when you need it most, and rewards you for your courage”. May you always find the laughter.

Love and Light,


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