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Coming home . . .

I went for my infusion on yesterday.  I was to have it in Troy, where I had all my chemo infusions.  I had mixed emotions driving to the infusion center.  A lot of memories came flooding back to me.  I made sixteen trips here to get my chemo.  I walk in and am greeted with a hug by Anna, the nurse that gave me my first chemo.  I feel like I’m home.  My nurse that administers the Zometa remembers me from my Reiki days.  The infusion goes smoothly, I get my hot tea and warm blankets, and life is good.

When I’m done with the infusion, I walk into the other bay and find Bernie – I am greeted with another enthusiastic hug.  More people come over – it’s like old home week.  I get compliments on my hair, and how I look – Bernie says, “You’re the poster child for chemo patients!”  Well then, I love my peeps.  I went through something traumatic but they were with me every step of the way.  They remembered me, they care about me, and they’re my personal cheerleaders – how lucky am I?


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