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Estelle and my Wig . . .

My brother, Ritchie, has 8 grandchildren.  Every Tuesday, he and his wife have “Tuesday Night” dinner.  This has tradition has been in place for many years.  One Tuesday, I was with my mom all day shopping, appointments, etc.  There’s one thing my mother won’t miss is Tuesday night dinner.  She gets to be with the grandchildren and now her great grandchildren.  So, off we went to dinner.  Ritchie as two different age sets with his grandchildren – he has some in their teens and some little ones.  Estelle is one of the younger ones – she’s four.  She has a cousin Harper who is four also.  They have a blast every Tuesday playing together.

Several of us were in the family room while waiting for dinner.  Estelle stopped playing and came and sat next to me on the couch.  With a very serious expression, she put her little hand on my arm and said “Aunt Carey, are you all done being sick?”  I smiled and said “Yep, I’m all better!” She kept staring at me and then said – “Is that a wig you’re wearing?”  I replied – “Why yes it is.  Do you want to see what’s underneath?”  She looked a little pensive at first then said, “Yes.”

There were a few people around me so I asked if they minded if I took off my wig.  Estelle got very serious and said “Maybe we should go into the other room.”  How sweet of her to think of my feelings.  “No it’s alright to do it here”, I replied.  I asked her if she wanted to take it off.  She immediately said – “No”.

I pulled off my wig.  Estelle looked at me in surprise and immediately said, “Quick!  Quick!  Put it back on!”  I asked her if she wanted to wear it – she said No!.  Harper, wanders up and says “I’ll wear it!”  Harper puts in on and runs to show her grandmother.  She comes back and I put in on and look at Estelle.  She says “Much, much better Aunt Carey!”


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