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First Treatment . . .

It's JuIy 12th, I wake up ready to take on the task at hand.  I've grounded myself, meditated and put the numbing cream on my port.  I'm to apply a glob of the cream on the area and cover it with saran wrap and hour to arrival.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it works!  We pack our bags, mine filled with my pillow, kindle, coloring book (cool right?), computer, water, headphones, phone - set!  Bob brings his computer.  We're ready to go!

On the way, I listen to my go station on Pandora - Michael Jackson station.  All my favorite songs come are playing on the way - even my all time fav - September.  I dance in the car.  Isn't it the best happy song?

We arrive 10 minutes early. We walk in silence and get in the elevator.  As we're getting in a smiling happy woman comes in with her husband.  She's a cancer patient also.  She has a scarf covering her bald head and is smiling from ear to ear.  She's going to floor 3, I'm going to 2.  She smiles and says I'll be there soon too.  What a gift she was to me.  Seeing her happy and smiling made me feel at peace.

I walk in to the Infusion center.  This is surreal for me.  This is the place where I've walked into for the last three years to administer Reiki, now I'm the patient.  I'm greeted by Hanna, an aide, and walked to my area. While walking back, I say hello to some of the nurses.  They're suprised to see me and greet me with hugs.  I'm fighting the tears.  


I'm walked back into the back area.  Hannah gives me a choice of cubicles.  I choose the one with more privacy vs windows.  Anna is to be my nurse today.  She knows me and immediately puts me at ease.  I'm worried about the IV being inserted into the port.  She says I've put the Lanacain cream on correctly and I shouldn't feel anything.  I really don't but it takes her two tries to get it in.  Okay then, wired to go.  She begins with an anti-nausea med, I'm to have two.  She injects the first one. The second is dripped in, it's pepcid for my stomach, followed by another anti-nausea.  Once those are finished, Anna places the order to the pharmacy for my chemo.  I've been there about an hour.  

Two more nurses come over to see me.  Bernie is an nurse whom I've administered Reiki.  She immediately comes over to hug me and tells me I'm going to be just fine.  She brings tears to my eyes.  I'm having a difficult time not crying.  I'm happy with my decision to have my chemo administered here.  I feel at home. 

The first chemo drug Adriamycin is injected by Anna.  It's in two huge syringes.  She has to administer it slowly as I could get very nauseous.  I've heard this called the red devil.  This takes 10 minutes.  On to the final chemo - Cyclophosphamide.  This is to be administered via a bag and will take an hour.  

One of the bonuses of sitting there is the warm blankets.  Hanna is great, checks on me often and always makes sure I have ice water, crakers, graham crackers and many many warm blankets.  

Under the warmth of the blankets, I fall asleep for the last hour.  I sleep peacefully.  I wake up and there's one more flush of saline and I'm good to go.  

Bob and I walk to the elevator and hug.  This is doable, this is tolerable. I'm grateful for today.  One treatment down - 15 to go.  Whoop!  Whoop! 


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