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Five Year Anniversary

Me and my shadow . . . I've had a shadow with me the past 5 years. A shadow that I notice not all the time but I know it's always there - hovering around me not quite ready to let go. Though I didn't want it, this shadow has taught me many things over the past 5 years . . . that life changes in an instant, that you may not be able to control something but you can control your reaction to it, that fear tries to be your best friend when life is uncertain and doesn't want to let you go, how you find faith, hope and a sense of humor gets you through. It showed me the precious gift I have with my family and friends. It helped me see that I no longer have time for toxicity in my life and to embrace the positive. It led me to Reiki and the gift of administering to cancer patients. I learned that I can be tested and look back on that test with gratitude. Gratitude for the growth and abundant love it gave me.

I received the test results from my 5 year mammogram yesterday. So to Cancer who has hovered in the shadows the last 5 years, there in the back of my mind, every time I went to a Doctor appointment, had a mammogram, took a pill, felt a twinge of pain, or when fear invaded my head - I'M DONE WITH YOU!!! Five years clear! I value the lessons I've learned and the growth I received but now it's time to start life fresh without the shadow. Life has just gotten brighter!

Little did I know that the shadow had never left me but remained to take me on another journey . . .


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