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Friends in high places . . .

When I was diagnosed, I knew I wanted to talk with my friend, Maureen.  We met when our sons attended preschool together.  Almost 25 years ago.  We've been on a parallel journey of the metaphysical.  She transforming her career from an ER doctor to head of Integrative Medicine.  Me, becoming a Reiki practitioner.  Okay, her journey was harder and touches many more lives, but I'm trying.

Knowing I wanted to use the services of Integrated Medicine, she was the perfect person to talk with.  Her husband, Joe is an oncologist.  I wanted a second opinion regarding my traditional treatment.  Speaking with both of them together - double bonus!

I really wanted to talk with Joe as I wanted a second opinion.  Especially after the reaction from my breast surgeon regarding the timing of my chemo treatments. Maureen and Joe are gracious and have us over to their home on a Thursday night.  I've given permission to Joe ahead of time to access to all my records.  We settle in their family room and begin. 

Joe is amazing.  He talks for over an hour, explaining everything to us.  He begins going over my scans - all clear except for a touch of arthritis in my back.  Old age - lol!  He then explains what type of cancer, it's once again good news. Estrogen positive and high success in cure rates.  He breaks down the entire diagnosis so we understand.  I notice something during this.  Normally, I'm the one who is taking notes during these types of visits.  When my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma, I was the one with the trusted note pad at all of his meetings.  Writing down notes in a clinical manor.  This time it was Bob who was asking all the questions, writing down things.  I was quiet.  When thinking about it later, I realized I was a little uncomfortable talking about me.  Hearing the success of the treatment along with the cure rate makes me think about my mortality.  Will I be on the upside of success this time?  Once again, I'm going places I don't need to go.  God, Cancer is such a mind game!  I pull myself back and remember to stay in the present.  I'm here now.  I'm going to be just fine - and I will embrace whenever comes my way.

I express to Joe Dr. Ruark's concern about starting my chemo on July 12th.  She feels I should start a week earlier.  He tells me it's fine to being on the date I've originally scheduled.  Whoo Hoo!  That was worth the visit alone!

Maureen speaks up about Integrated Medicine and how it can work in conjunction with traditional treatment.  Acupuncture can help with the nausea and neuropathy.  Herbs and vitamins can help with side effects along with oncology massage and of course, Reiki.  She recommends Dr. Michael Walker, a Naturopath Oncologist.  How great is that?  Another source to use to help me navigate this journey.

We leave truly blessed to have these people in our lives.  They have taken the time to help us understand my diagnosis and treatment options.  They have given us some peace.  Once again Cancer has given me an amazing gift, wonderful friends who care.


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