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Happy Anniversary to Me!

Happy Anniversary to me! I looked at my Facebook memories today and up popped a video of me ringing the bell to celebrate my last day of chemo! I had done it, I completed 20 rounds of chemo. I was halfway through my healing journey. It’s said it’s the most crueling part. The part where my body was infused with poison to combat my cancer. I really didn’t focus on what was going into my body, I focused on what it was going to do for my body. I will admit during my first infusion, it was unnerving to see the hazardous sign on the bag. It was nicknamed the “red devil” because of its color and its side effects. It’s so caustic that it could cause severe burns if it touches your skin. It had to be administered very slowly or I could get extremely ill.

The side effects were harsh but I worked with it. Even during my son’s wedding. I muscled through it. Through the chemo process: I lost my hair EVERYWHERE!, Experienced nausea ALL THE TIME! I had no taste buds. Watched my fingernails turn brown, praying they wouldn’t fall out. I experienced extreme fatigue. I was poked and prodded too many times to count. When I first found out I had to have chemo. Fear came in, I was scared. I had heard horror stories about the side effects and what it does to your body. I decided to face chemo with gratitude. Chemo wasn’t the enemy - Cancer was. Chemo was helping me heal from cancer. I looked at it as a necessary “evil” to live. It’s pretty simple actually, I realized that I had to have the chemo to live. I choose life. And in choosing that path, I knew it came with side effects. Was it easy? No. But was it horrendous? - No. I never vomited. I was able to work through the constant nausea. I lost my hair - big deal, small price to pay to live. I actively participated in my son’s wedding and enjoyed every moment of it. Chemo just became a part of my life not my entire life. I lived my life in spite of it. How wonderful is that?

I look at that video today and just smile. My look says “I did it! I got through one of the hardest challenges in my life! Whoop Whoop!” I was so grateful that day, so happy that I navigated through it. So to me - Happy Happy 3rd Anniversary!! May I have many many more!!! #F**Kcancer #inremission #happycamper #lovinglife #ingratitude


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