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Happy Birthday to Me!

Updated: May 10, 2021

So, today is my birthday. I haven’t written in a while, I’ve had a little writer’s block. I woke up this morning and felt the need to give myself a gift - the gift of writing.

Today, I’m 63 years old. Physically, some days I feel I’ve lived 63 years, mentally - there is no way I’m 63! In my mind, I’m much younger. 63 is for old people, I’m not old - LOL! The first time I was called Mam, I clearly thought the girl had made a mistake. Me? A Mamm? Certainly, I’m not that old! Which lead me to think about the different monikers associated with the different phases in our life. Baby, toddler, child, Girl, Teen, Daughter, Miss, Single (that was fun!) Wife, Mother, Mother-in-law, Mamm, Grandmother. (Grandmother rocks!). Each phase brought joy, heartache, life experiences and eventually growth to help me navigate through the next phase. Every success and failure, every joy and heartache, every challenge be it physical or mental helped shape me. 63 years of living and learning. How lucky am I?

Each birthday brings a reflection on the past year. What I experienced, what I’ve learned. It was an intense year even without living in a pandemic. Death, birth, a move and all the emotions that attach to them. There was so much heartache last year but there was also immense joy. All a part of my life path that brings to where I am today - a happy work in progress. I don’t ever want to be “complete” or “done”. I don’t ever want to think I “know it all” because experience has shown me I do not and life has so much to teach me. I hope I never stop being a work in progress; that I learn something new every day, that my heart rules over my ego, that I still find my humor especially when life gets challenging and that I continue to find gratitude. Happy Birthday to Me! Bring on 63! #feelsgoodtowrite #happybirthday #happylife #happy #savingteets


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