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Happy New Year 2018!

It’s here – the new year – new beginnings.  Out with the old -  in with the new.

How do I feel about the “old”?  Can I even wrap my feelings around my last year?

Every New Year’s, I always contemplate what the universe is going bring to me.  What life events will I experience?  What am I to learn this year?  Will I be able to embrace what is brought to me?

Going into 2017 with those thoughts, I still never imagined the year ahead of me.  2017 was one of my most memorable and challenging.  While it brought fear, grief, pain and sadness into my life; it also brought humor, love, gratitude, joy, strength and hope.

Bob and I opted at the last minute to stay in the condo and have a quiet New Years.  Sit by a fire, watch an old move and drink wine vs. stand outside in below freezing temperatures to watch the torch skiers and fireworks at Boyne Highlands.  Guess what won out?  So we turned off all the lights, sat by the fire and opened a bottle of Red.   There’s something hypnotic about staring at a fire.  Meditative in a way.  It can bring you in deep quickly.  We were both lost in our own worlds while staring at the flames.  Talking later, we found we both had the same thoughts – 2017.  At one point we just looked at each other and said – “WHAT WAS THAT?!?”  “DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN?!?” We talked about how quickly our lives changed and all we’ve been through.  How we are so grateful for each other.  When you think about the last 6 months of the year and all that has occurred, your mind can hardly catch up.

You know that saying “Life can turn on a dime”.  I’m living proof.  I was past the 5 year mark for breast cancer.  I had no worries whatsoever about my 6 year mammogram.  I was a survivor.  Then Boom!  I’m stage 3!   I was having a second dance with the Big “C”.  Life just turned on that dime – big time!  Last year, when thinking about my upcoming 2017, cancer never entered into the picture.

How do I really feel about 2017?  Do I wish it away?  No.  The universe gave it to me.  It is part of my path.  It’s another chapter in my story.  Last year I was physically and mentally challenged beyond anything I’d ever experienced.  Cancer and all the baggage it brings with it.  Yes, it was awful at times but when looking back the positive outweighs the negative.  I found a strength in myself I didn’t know I had.  I found humor in the dark places.  I felt loving energy from all those around me.  I found hope and gratitude.  I have grown.  I get to LIVE.  How can I not feel it was a good year?

So I turn the page with gratitude for 2017 and all it has given me.  I’ll take what I’ve learned and look forward to what the universe has in store for me in 2018.  No matter what it brings - Life is going to give me endless possibilities!

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