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He's off and running . . .

“I’m off and running”.  Anthony said that to me when his father co-signed a loan with him for his first car. He was 18 at the time. He'd been working since he was fourteen saving for his first car.  “Off and running?” I asked.  His response:  “I need to build up my credit. Good credit opens doors for you.”

And build up that credit he did.  The next car he bought on his own, no co-signer needed.  He has since bought and sold at least 7 cars.  At 22, he was the youngest person at the dealership to qualify for a loan for a Corvette.  Anthony continued to work on his credit. Diligently zeroing out all balances.  His goal:  a house.  When he turned 25 he had enough money saved and a stellar credit score – he was ready to buy. Unfortunately the mortgage companies didn’t agree.  Since he works on commission, he would have to supply two years of W-2’s.

He was frustrated but had no choice but to wait another year.  He diligently watched his spending and kept an eye on his credit score just waiting for January 2019 to arrive so he could finally have two years of W-2’s.  On December 28th, he called me from work.  I could tell from his voice that something was wrong.  Someone has stolen his identity and ruined his credit.  Devastation doesn’t even describe how we all felt.  He’d worked so hard and his dream was just snatched from him.

He once again worked diligently to improve his credit score.  He didn’t have a pity party – he hit it head on. He fought all the charges and got them all cleared but one (it’s pending).  With W-2’s in hand and an improved credit score – he went looking for a house.  In typical Anthony form, he searched the internet daily, narrowed it down to three choices and gave himself a day to buy a house.  He looked on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon – he had bought his first house.  Last week he asked me to come with him to buy furniture. Once again, it was all completed in one night.  He ordered art work, the paint colors are picked (gray with white trim).  Floors are scheduled to be refinished next week. The entire house will be painted this weekend.

Today was the closing.  His agent told us it was the quickest closing he’s ever had.  Once again, it was done in record time.  Perfect for the man with little patience.

He did it. He set a goal, worked on it for years and even though there were setbacks, he never gave up.  So at twenty-six, he has his first house.  I’ll be honest, I’m in awe of him.  At 26, I was worrying about which bar I was heading out to with my friends - buying a house wasn’t even close on my radar. Anthony on the other hand put this plan into place when he was 18.  He’s shown me that he can do anything once he sets his mind to it.  Setbacks will not stop him and he will not shrink away from life’s challenges.  As a parent there can be nothing better than knowing your child is able to navigate this thing called life.  Well done my son, well done.  I am beyond proud of you.


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