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I get by with a little help from my friends . . .

I’ve been in a development class with six women for over 10 years. We meet every other Wednesday with class facilitated by the marvelous Natalie. We share, discuss, meditate, and learn. It has been a fantastic journey with these six women; navigating life together and seeing our growth. It is a safe environment filled with unconditional love for one another. Your concerns or issues are never met with judgement only love. We call each other “Soul Sisters” because we truly are attached at the soul level.

I was pondering what family is the other day. When I looked it up in the dictionary it said: “A social group made up of parents and their children; a group that comes from the same ancestors”. But is family really only those who are blood related? Can we have more than one family? Or can family be, as I read in another definition, “a group of people who want as well as choose to be together embraced by a bond so powerful and strong that not even the slightest test of trials or troubles can breach. It’s having someone that loves you unconditionally without judgement”.

My mother made her transition last year. Watching someone die is difficult, living after death without that person is even more difficult. I think the death process brings about a myriad of emotions. My “biological” family is different now. My mother’s death affected us all deeply. Each of us coping in different ways, each of us navigating as best as we could. We’ve all gone our separate ways, we’re not really a cohesive unit anymore.

During that difficult time, I had my soul sisters to lean on. There were days when I thought I would explode from the stress, yet my soul sisters were there to help ground me. They were always there, always offering love, always offering unconditional support with no judgement. They helped me attain peace in the midst of great heartache and chaos. When I think of family, I have the greatest example of it through them. This is what family is. They are also my “family”.

After my mother’s death, my soul sisters gave me a gift certificate to a garden center. The card in part read - “buy something in remembrance of your mom”. I’ve gone several times throughout the past year to look for something special. Something that would jump out to me. I’m terrible at taking care of plants - so to get a plant or bush that I would kill would not be a good idea - lol!

Several trips later, I finally found it, the perfect gift. One that describes my soul sisters and their unconditional love and support. I bought a totem. I have two other totems - one large and one small. I was looking for something in between to compliment the two. This totem was the one. It has a saying on it “I get by with a little help from my friends”. How perfect is that?!? I could think of no better way to honor my mother’s passing and my growth through it than with this totem. It is the perfect reminder that I got through an extremely intense time in my life with the unconditional love and support of my “soul sister” friends. They represent what family means to me. Plain and simple, they are love. Thank you soul sisters for being on this life journey with me and navigating it together. Thank you for your love and support and always being there. I am who I am today, in part, for having you in my life. I am eternally grateful. #soulsistersarethebest #unconditonallove #myfamily #love #totem #familyiseverything #igetbywithalittlehelpfrommyfriends


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