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I voted today

I voted today.  In the past it’s always been a non-event.  At my precinct there is never a line and if there is it’s minimal.  Bob and I head over at 11:00.  Per usual there is no wait.  Bob heads to his cubby and I head to mine, a man in between us.

I set my umbrella down and open up my ballot.  As I’m reaching for the pen, I feel a snap and it happens.  My bra comes undone and my prosthetic shoots out to the left.  Think sling shot –get the picture?  Had I not had quick reflexes and slammed my arms to my side, I’m sure the weight and the propulsion of my prosthetic would have killed the man next to me.

I just began the process of voting!  Now what?!?  I couldn’t stop and snap it shut.  Seriously? Can you imagine me asking the voting volunteer – “Excuse me? Could you help me with something?”  Bob was too far away to help and besides we were out in the open.  I looked around, no one knew what had happened but me, and so I did what I needed to do.  I bought my arms up, holding them tight to my chest to hold the prostheric in and voted.  It got a little tricky when I had to feed my ballot into the machine.  I felt like the Saturday Night Live character with the little hands or a T-Tex, but I muscled through.  Nothing was stopping me from voting not even a shooting prosthetic.

So today I did my civic duty and voted and once again, breast cancer gave me something to laugh about.  Breast cancer – never a dull moment!


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