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Is that a Hair?

One of the many things I was looking forward to when I ended chemo treatments was having hair again.  Not only hair on my head but what I really wanted was eyebrows and eyelashes.  Every day there was a thorough examination in the magnetized mirror to see if there was an eyelash or eyebrow forming.  Fingers crossed daily – hoping to see some progress.

It finally happened one morning.  Were my eyes deceiving me?  Was that a hair I was seeing?  It was!  I had a hair!  Notice I said “a” hair.  One, I had one hair.  While I was pleased that my body was producing hair, I was not thrilled with its location.

You see, I finally get a hair and it’s on my chin!  Yep, my chin!  Wait it gets better.  It’s white.  OMG!  Really!  Is this the Universe’s idea of a cruel joke?  I have white chin hair?!?  It was bad enough having chin hair when it was black but white?!?

I quickly grab the tweezers and remove the offending hair.  Laughing to myself afterwards I was thinking just my luck – I finally get hair it’s on my chin and its white!  Yep story of my life. Quickly getting over my indignance; I actually smile.  My body made a hair today, albeit not where I wanted it, but it made a hair!  I got to do something normal today – I plucked a pesky chin hair.  The road back to normalcy is beginning.  Whoop Whoop!


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