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It's all in the name . . .

As I’m writing this, my dog is laying at my feet. Our new “energy giver”. Evelyn Grace - that’s her name. Evie (short e) for short. It took a while to come up with her name. Boy names were so much easier - I had an entire list for male dogs: Henry, Brinkley, Baxter, Charlie, Fred, George, Bentley - I could go on forever. But I decided I wanted a female dog. My heart belonged to Winston, my last dog, and I wanted something totally opposite from him. I stayed with the breed, cockapoo, but wanted the coloring and sex to be different. So I choose a black and white female. Now to come up with a name. Something unique, something a little regal (like Winston was), something with some sass, what to choose?

I scanned baby name websites. Found myself perusing all the movie credits seeing if something grabbed me. My husband thought I was carrying it a little too far. No, I told him, we could be calling this name for years, it had to be the right fit. Actually, one of my friends pointed out to me that I could have her till I was in my 70’s. (Okay, I will admit that made me feel old - LOL!)

Eleanor came to mind first - naming her after Eleanor Roosevelt. She was a leader. She was strong and compassionate. Winston was named after Winston Churchill (not Nascar racing as my sons thought or the cigarettes as my husband pointed out - Really guys?) I thought Eleanor might fit the bill - call her Ellie for short. My daughter wasn’t having it - she saw a horror movie with a character named Eleanor and she said she wouldn’t be able to look at the dog and feel safe - LOL! So Eleanor was out.

Charlotte, Capri, Francesca (Frankie) were favorites but axed by Riley who claimed they are her future daughter’s names (she’s single at the moment but whatever). Daisy, Matilda, Martha, Bailey, Gracie were tossed around. Gracie was at the top for a while. It was a cute, spunky name.

But then Doris emerged. I mean, who doesn’t love a good Doris Day movie. I love Doris Day! She was cute, definitely spunky and everyone’s “girl next door”. Doris that was it, my dog had a name. Until . . . my son came over one day. He, too, was getting a dog from the same breeder. He was naming him Enzo Ferrari Cornacchini. He said, “Mom, Doris Cornacchini, really? Enzo and Doris? No mom you can’t name her that.”

I kept an open mind, deciding that I would get her, live with her for a few days and then decide her name. So we picked up our girl and brought her home. Trying out Doris and Gracie but neither seemed to suit her. We were on our pontoon with both dogs and Evelyn was mentioned. Evelyn, Evie - I liked the sound of it. Enzo and Evie had a good ring to it, it flowed. Evie was cute with a little sassiness thrown in. I looked up the meaning of Evelyn. It means “life”, “breath”, “strength” and “powerful”. She is full of life. She has breathed life into our lives since we brought her home. We are enjoying watching her experience the world. She is spunky, non-stop energy. I will at times, pray for energy and patience. I forgot how much work puppies are. Let’s not even talk about potty training. I’ve learned the hard way that I should have waited to order new carpet.

She is the complete opposite of Winston. He was a mild mannered gentleman. Evie, on the other hand, is a small tornado. She’s an escape artist. She loves everyone she meets. She holds her own with the big dogs, Beau is perplexed. She’s small but fierce. And fun. She has brought us joy and light and entertainment during this pandemic and we are in love. Thank you to Evie for breathing life into our lives. Now if you could just work on the potty training . . .

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