It's all in the Nose . . .

As I’ve stated numerous times, you lose your hair when you have chemotherapy treatment.  I thought I understood where I would lose my hair:  basically my entire body – even “that” area.   It never entered into my mind that it would be in my nose!  Geeze, talk about adding insult to injury – I have no hair on my head so I wear a wig, I now have to put on my eyebrows (I feel like Norma Desmond – “I’m ready for my close up Mr. Demille”), I can count how many eyelashes I have and now with no nose hairs I constantly have a runny nose.  At night when I sleep my nose has no moisture so I wake up every morning with a bloody nose – yep these are the good times.  Another side effect of treating cancer I certainly didn’t see coming!

Next week when my chemo ends, I’m told my hair will begin to grow back.  Guess where I hope it grows first – lol!  I will forever live in gratitude for those little hairs and will never take them for granted again! Love live nose hairs!


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