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Jumping Hurtles

I had my last poke today.  As part of the chemo process, I have had to have a blood test within three days of each treatment.  The test determines whether my blood is at the right levels to receive my chemo.  I have been extremely lucky in that my blood work has come back fine and I haven’t had to reschedule any of my treatments.

I have driven to Royal Oak Beaumont every Monday for the past twelve weeks to get my blood work done.  Before that I’ve went every other Monday when I did my first four treatments.  That’s 16 times, 16 times I’ve driven, parked, walked in and waved to the security guard.  16 times I’ve presented my blue card and repeated my name and birthdate.  16 times that I’ve waited in the waiting room holding my card with a letter on it.  (Since I’m a regular, I get a letter not a number – letters get called sooner).  16 times I’ve waited in my chair with the curtain drawn for a tech (or vampire as they refer to themselves) to draw my blood.  16 times that I’ve repeated my name and birthdate.  16 times that I’ve pushed up my sleeve, made a fist while my arm is being tied off.  16 times of feeling the poke and waiting while two viles are filled with my blood.  16 times of getting to know the person who is “poking” me.  16 times of getting a bandage on my new wound.  16 times of driving back home, keeping my fingers crossed that my blood work will be fine.

I’m done.  It’s completed.  I’ve jumped over another hurtle.  It seems that this journey has been about hurtles.  Keeping myself focused to “jump” another one.  So today, I’ve jumped one last hurdle that will take me to the finish line and it feels just fantastic!


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