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Making it fun . . .

My husband had a job where he commuted from Detroit to Winston Salem, North Carolina for 7 years.  Just prior to my diagnosis he accepted another position where traveling would be limited.  Okay I’ll admit, it took some adjusting to having him home ALL the time.  I had 7 years of Monday night through Thursday all to myself.  I mean an entire bed to myself, watching any television shows I wanted, no pressure to make dinner and a welcome home honeymoon every Thursday night.  Whoo hoo!

Looking back, changing jobs was actually a godsend when going through treatment.  I got to have my rock with me 24/7. (albeit with adjustments being made with us being  together 24/7!).

Bob had to travel to Houston and was packing for his trip.  He wasn’t happy, grumbling under his breath and finally he said “I hate traveling! I don’t like doing this! I'm tired of it!”

I will admit I wasn’t in the mood for the pity party.  I mean I was going to radiation every day, going to therapy twice a week and in a cast for a broken ankle.  My life could suck right now but you know what?  It doesn’t.  Besides being grateful for being here, I’m having fun.  Yes you heard it – I’m having fun while I go through treatment.  I made the decision when this first started that I would have fun.  I listen to peppy, upbeat music prior to leaving to set my mood.  I hum a little ditty while walking in to change and I smile and say hello to all I meet.  I want to enjoy this journey.

So I look at my husband and say “Make it fun”.  He looks at me confused.  I tell him – “Do you really think I want to go be radiated every day?  Or go to therapy or gimp around with a broken ankle?  No – I don’t but I make it fun.  I have fun with it.  I hum and maybe even dance a little walking down to radiation, the same with going to therapy for the lymphedema.  I can dance in my cast like no other.  Bottom line – I’m enjoying my life even though I’m going through something horrendous.  I tell him “Attitude is everything” and you know what?  It is!

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