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Meeting an Angel

It's Wednesday - I'm to meet with the breast specialist at 1:00. I was apprehensive, the fear of the unknown was getting to me. I arrive a few minutes early, anticipating that I would have to fill out paperwork. I was not wrong. I fill out the paperwork, give my license and insurance card. I would find throughout this journey this would be a regular occurrence.

I meet with Dr. Ruark. I like her on sight, she has a great energy. She begins with an exam. Little

did I know it will be one of many examinations I will receive on my tangle with the Big C. I find her to be kind, gentle, knowledgeable and thorough. She puts me at ease. She informs me there is an eighty percent chance that what I have is calcification. Okay then, 80%. Those are great odds. For the first time since this roller coaster started, I finally take a breath. Things are looking up. She has her staff schedule my biopsy for the following week. One more step and I’m finished. Whoo Hoo!


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