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My Dream

I'm televisioned out.  On Tuesday, I don't turn on the television all day.  I listen to music and read.  I sleep on an off.  I have a dream that leaves me feeling at peace.  I dream I'm at a walk for breast cancer.  I look over and see both my grandfathers sitting together.  I run over as my Grandpa Sloan says "Well hello Lover Dover (his name for me).  I kiss him on his bald head so happy to see him.  I turn my head and there's my dad.  I've never had my Dad come to me in a dream before.  He has tears coming down his face and says "I'm so sorry".  He reaches out and touches my arm and I actually feel it.  I respond, "It's okay Dad, I'm going to be alright".  I wake up and I feel I'm going to be just fine.


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