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New Hair . . .

I know I'm going to lose my hair.  I've been told it will happen before or right after the second treatment.  I've made the decision to shave it off before it comes out in clumps.  I want to have some control.  

I ran out of shampoo and was in T.J. Maxx.  They had my shampoo in a gigantic bottle at a great price.  Whoo Hoo - Score!  I put it in my cart.  Later on, as I'm checking out, I have an epiphany.  I'm not going to have hair within a month.  Why am I buying this huge bottle of shampoo?!?  I put it back.  I go next store to Ulta and buy a travel size.  That struck home with me.  I'm not going to need to shampoo my hair for the next 6 months.  I won't have hair to wash.  Reality is sinking in.  

I make an appointment at the place recommended by the oncology nurse.  Advance Hair Solutions in Auburn Hills.  I had texted my beautician, Debbie to ask about her shaving my head when the time comes, she readily agrees.  She offers to accompany me wig shopping.  I take her up on her offer.  I make an appointment for Monday, July 24th.  Bob and I get there and it's surreal.  There are rooms with heads with wigs.  Kinda creepy.  We meet Pamela who is very kind.  She explains the wigs, hair loss, eyebrow loss, etc.  I know I have to lose my hair but losing my eyebrows bothers me.  She tells me about a product ESS that helps prevent eyebrow loss.  I'm in!  It's expensive;  $135 for two ounces.  We don't care, sign us up!

Debbie arrives and we start.  I tell her I want real hair.  I don't want people to tell that I'm wearing a wig.  (Okay had an epiphany writing this - all of my family and friends know I'm going through chemo right?  So when I have my wig on they're going to know it's a wig - lol!)

Pricing is hefty - it goes from $1200 to $3500.   We try on a few.  They're just not getting it for me.  I don't like the way I look.  OMG and me as a blond - scary!!!  Then she drops the bomb on me - if I have real hair I will have to style it every day. Okay those who know me know this is something I suck at.  When I had a daughter after having two boys one of my first thoughts was OMG I have to do hair?!?  Riley was a competitive dancer and at age 8 she told me to step away from doing her hair -she would handle it.  Get the picture?  I not only lose my hair, have to wear a wig and then have to style it every day.  That is so not fair!  I'm now thinking a styled synthetic wig might be a better option.

She convinces me to try some synthetic wigs.  She tells me they've come a long way and they look and feel like real hair.  And bonus - they're styled!  There is a silver lining here, I get to save time on getting ready.  Make up on, plop on wig and ready to go.  

I'm staring at all the wigs and thinking - this will be my new normal.  I will have no hair, I WILL HAVE NO HAIR.  This new wig will be my new look. Will I like wearing it?  Will I hate it?  Many warriors who have gone before me have told me they hated wearing it.  They resorted to scarves or even going bald.  It empowered them.  Will I feel the same?

And so the fun begins!  Lets try on the wigs.  We try a long blond wig - NO! Next is a black cleopatra type wig - NO! We try on one with long hair that flips - it's okay but not me.  Debbie has been helping immensely.  Bob giving his opinon and picking out wigs for me to try on.  We're actually having fun with this.  

We all agree on two.  Both have my coloring, one in the style I wear now and one a little shorter. They look like real hair!  Debbie has offered to come to my house when I need to shave my head and she'll style my wigs then.  Could I have anyone kinder in my life?  A generous loving soul.  

I'm told a few things regarding the care of my wigs. While wearing my wig, I'm never to open a hot oven or dryer as the steam could melt the wig.  Well then no having to get clothes out of the dryer - bonus! I'm to bring my wig to her once a month for cleaning.  Information given, ready to go.


I have script for a cranial prosthetic.  I'm told to never ever say wig or the insurance company will not cover the cost.  Really?  We spend $1,000 on two wigs.  I look at my husband when I see the bill - his response, the cost means nothing, I will pay any price so you feel good about yourself.  We end with a hug.  A hug filled with love, support, relief and for accomplishing another step in the journey together.  It was perfect.

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