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One more surgery . . . One step closer

Updated: May 4, 2020

Dr. Ruark will insert the Contura surgically. Surgery is scheduled for June 20th. Once again, I was given twilight sleep and the device was implanted into the side of my breast. The surgery was quick, I'm not in any pain. The nurse in recovery tells me how lucky I am to have it surgically implanted. She had a friend who had it done in her doctor's office and it was extremely painful. One question: Why do nurses always want to tell you horror stories? Once again, I'm thankful for my doctor and her foresight to insure her patients aren't traumatized. I can feel something is inside me, and I do have four prongs sticking out of the side of my chest, but I'm not really uncomfortable. I'm told to keep my bra on at all times and no showering. No showering? Ever try to take a bath with a bra on? Fun times. Though I'll be uncomfortable for a few days, this is just another step to eradicating my cancer. It's only for a short time, I can handle anything for a short time. The end result is fantastic!


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