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"Senior" Moment . . .

I got asked if I was a “senior” yesterday.  I was paying for bagels at Einstein’s when the cashier said with a smile “Are you a senior?”  I looked at her perplexed and to be honest I was starting to turn my head to look behind me at what I was sure was the real person she was speaking to when I quickly realized that person was me!

My immediate thought was “I look like a senior?”  Followed by “OMG, I am a senior!  When did I become that old?”  I obviously don’t think I’m a senior.  I’m sixty-one for god’s sake but in my mind I’m much much younger.

While contemplating that reality and still not answering, the cashier then said the dreaded word – “Mam?”  Not a Miss but a Mam!  I’ve officially turned the corner.  OMG!  I’m a senior and a Mam!  That sealed it – I now felt old.

Coming out of my shock – I sucked it up, faced reality and responded “Yes, I am a senior”.  After admitting to this millennial that I am “old” in her eyes.  I thought about it for a minute and followed up with “And happy to be one.”

You see, I realized in that moment, that despite the fact that I’m now “older”, I’m grateful to be a “senior”.  I’m happy that I’m 61 and have more years on the horizon.  Do I feel like a senior citizen?  No.  Do I act like a senior citizen? Nope.  Do I look like a senior citizen? Hope not.  But the reality is that I am and I embrace it in gratitude.

So I got my senior discount ($2.00 off my bill) and left smiling.  Maybe being a senior has its advantages?  Now if we could just find another word for Mam . . .

On side note – went for my oncologist check-up today.  The nurse was going through a list of questions then asked “Are you pregnant?”  I looked at her and said shouted “I’m a senior.”  Amazing how I had no problem admitting it!


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