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Skin So Soft

During my journey with the Big “C”, I would relish when I found something positive.  You live for those little gifts.  When going through something which can be very taxing, getting a positive helps you cope.

Today, I realized one positive thing about chemo.  Besides the fact that chemo is giving me a long life, it also gives me nausea, loss of hair, loss of taste buds and extreme fatigue.  The one positive that it has given me is soft skin.  I mean it, my skin is as soft as a baby’s bum.  Soft and smooth.  Yes, I have no hair on my entire body but it’s incredibly soft.  Normally, I have to slather myself with lotion.  With chemo – no lotion needed.  So there you have it – a positive of chemo – Soft Skin.  Bonus!


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