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The Club

What struck me the most during this incredible journey was the people I have met along the way. Everyone is so positive and giving off great energy.  When I walked into the waiting room after I had the scan, the intern working with Dr. Chen was waiting to hear my news (obviously, she didn’t get the memo of attending with the cast of thousands). When I gave her a thumbs up she started clapping quietly - that was nice but what was amazing were all the ladies sitting there in their different stages of cancer who started clapping for me and telling me congratulations.  They didn't know me or even what my good news was but wanted to let me know they were happy for me.  That getting good news, any good news, is a miracle in itself.  When you go through this you see all types of people who are on their own private journey but all share one common bond - hope.  Hope that the outcome will be positive - hope if it isn't that you will have peaceful journey - hope that the journey, whatever that is, will be one filled with abundant love. I was now a part of the Big “C” club and the club was letting this member know they were behind her. I was humbled.


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