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The Competition

When you’re in treatment you see fellow patients on a regular basis, especially during radiation which is at the same time every day.  The natural questions are asked – What are you being treated for?  What type of cancer? Stage?  Who’s your doctor?  But then you move on to personal questions, Family, kids, career?  It’s amazing how quickly you bond.  There’s no judging, no wariness.  You’re welcomed immediately.  You’re part of the Club.  The Club no one wants to belong to, but its members are the most incredibly caring, strong, understanding people you’d ever want to meet.  They’re your biggest cheerleaders.  They know, more than anyone, what it feels like to be you.  What you’re experiencing.  Simply, they “get” you.

In your daily conversations, talk of treatments is done so casually.  No drama just matter of fact.  After a while, it’s like women and childbirth.  It seems like it becomes a badge of honor when discussing with your fellow females.  Each has their own “war” story when giving birth.  The same with cancer treatment.

One day I was sitting with my fellow patients and we began discussing our treatment plans.

Me:  I had a mastectomy followed by chemo and now radiation.

First lady:  I had chemo then a mastectomy and now radiation.

Second lady:  I had chemo then a mastectomy followed by radiation and once that is finished I’m doing chemo again.

OMG, I say, You’re the winner!

She says:  I know!

We all just laugh.  We’ve just tried to one up each other about cancer.  We are laughing together while we're treating cancer.  We found our humor today, cancer couldn’t make it a sad day.   The Big “C” Club members are not only caring and supportive but they have a wicked sense of humor.  If I have to be a member, I'm so glad it's with people like this.

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