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The Crib

We got the baby crib out of storage the other day. It’s an important step in welcoming Baby “C” into our lives. The crib has been in Bob’s family since his father was born. It’s a small crib. It’s wrought iron and has wheels. The last time this crib was used was for my nephew, Jack, twenty-one years ago. We ordered a new custom mattress and sheets since it’s a smaller size. We painted it white. It’s ready for another Cornacchini baby. A new life, our own family miracle. The start of a sweet story.

This crib is 90 years old. It holds 90 years of memories. 90 years of hopes and dreams for each baby that has used it. I often wonder when Walter was born what hopes and dreams his parents Olga and Santi had for him. Were they the same as we have today?

Hope for a healthy and happy baby. Hope that life becomes what they want it to be. That they dream big and achieve those dreams. That they have a life filled with an abundance of love and that they will leave this earth better than how they found it.

Baby “C” isn’t here yet but has a legacy of love left by a Great Grandfather they will never know. A life remembered for his kindness, compassion, character and a force for good who touched everyone he met and left an indelible mark on the short time he was on this earth. Some may think it’s just a crib, but it symbolizes so much more. It holds a lifetime of love to welcome this new bundle into the world and we’re so blessed to have it.

Baby “C”, when you’re sleeping in this crib, may you feel the hopes, dreams and abundance of love that has surrounded it for 90 years. Welcome to the world!


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