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The Healing

On Wednesday, May 24th, Riley and I attend the healing service at the Fr. Solanus Casey Center.  It takes place every Wednesday.  I have gone down over the years to pray over his casket, I've even chaired  several fund raisers for the center.  It's a place that's always given me peace.

The church is filled to capacity.  It's a truly moving service.  At one point the brothers pass along a microphone and allow people to verbalize their petitions.  The stories show me that my story is just one of many and I have so much to be grateful for.  The service ends and people line up for a healing.

While Riley and I wait for our turn, I notice the Brother doesn't ask any questions but instinctively knows what blessing to give each individual.

This experience is so powerful. When it's my turn, I hold Riley's hand along with the brother's. I feel people placing their hands on me.  He places the relic on my forehead and tells me to feel the healing light going through me.  I have never felt a more power presence of spirit.   I'm a lapsed Catholic - okay I'm a Creaster (Christmas and Easter) but I've never lost my faith and spirituality.  I pray more today than when I was a "regular."  My last experience with the Big "C" taught me that faith isn't just a word but a true part of my life.

Riley receives a healing and his message to her is to calm her mind, let go and feel peace. I know the experience was overwhelming for her and that's okay.  Not all life lessons are comfortable. As a matter of fact the times I've learned the most are with the most challenging.  I'm glad she experienced faith in action.  I'm grateful that she could see that faith is always there with you. I'm thankful she could witness my faith.   I wanted her to experience that.  To be able to share this experience with my daughter is a precious life memory.  My journey just became one of peace and acceptance.


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