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I couldn’t wait for my hair to begin growing.  As I’ve said before I desperately wanted my eyebrows and eyelashes back.  Ever hear that saying:  be careful what you wish for? Well, I got my wish, my hair is growing back – everywhere. 

My eyebrows, it seems, are taking their job of growing back very seriously, it’s like they feel they have to make up for lost time.  They’re growing into a shape I’ve never seen before.  Oh wait – I’ve seen these eyebrows before – on Wolfman!  Seriously, my eyebrows are coming in thick, black and bushy.  These new eyebrows seem to start at the inside of my eye and make a huge crescent.  They’re a half inch wide for god’s sake! I even have hair at the base of my eyes.  Really???   A positive – my eyelashes are coming in tremendously thick – whoop whoop!

My hair is grown in.  My first growth was white and very fine.  It was then followed jet black sprouts.  These sprouts were actually itchy.  The itching has stopped and now I have a downy like feel to my hair.  It’s incredibly soft and salt and pepper.  Not so sure I like the salt and pepper but I’ve got hair growing.  Score!

I stopped by to see Debbie, my hairdresser, last week. I wanted to show her my hair progress and the wolfman eyebrows.  She tells me when my hair grows in a little more, she can stain it to make it look thicker.  Yippee, the news is getting better!  Bye, bye white hair!   She offers to wax my eyebrows and upper lip (yes I have some hair there).  I’m all for it.  Something normal.  She waxes my eyebrows first and gives them some shape.  There is actually a lot of hair that comes off.  She does my upper lip – can you say ouch?  I’ve actually have enough hair, in some places, that needs to be removed.  How about that?  Life is starting to get back to normal!  Now being the fair Irish girl that I am (let’s call a spade a spade, I’m pale, white, translucent!) my skin where she’s removed the hair is bright red.  Debbie is worried that she’s done some damage.  No, I tell her, it’s just my skin.  What I don’t tell her is that I’m actually thrilled to have my skin red.  That I won’t mind people seeing it, even though prior to the Big “C”, I would have been trying to cover it up.  No, this to me, means that life is returning to normal.  My upper lip and eyebrows are red because I had hair to remove, I had hair!  So I’ll deal with the redness because it’s one step back to my life.

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