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You gotta have heart . . .

Dr. Hanna has ordered a heart echo.  There is a slight chance the chemo can damage my heart so before I begin they want to take a look to make sure my heart is working well.

When I call for an appointment, it seems that everyone is getting a heart echo.  Availability is slim and they want to get me in within a few weeks.  After going through all the hospitals, she says how about Farmington?  14 and Middlebelt?  Ugh, yes, only three miles from home.  Appointment set, I'm to go on Monday, June 19th at 9:00 a.m.  

My every present husband takes me to the appointment since I still can't drive.  (Talk about feeling trapped!)  I'm the only one there and get in right away.  I meet Kristen who will be doing the procedure.  She's very kind, married, has three kids (2 year old twins) and has been doing this for several years.  Yep I did it again, I have to know about the people who are working on me lol!

She asks me if I still have drains.  I tell her no and she tells me about a woman who came in and still had four drains.  Four drains!  Poor thing, I had two and was miserable but four?  Once again I'm reminded how lucky I am.  

I'm to strip from the waist up (no surprise there!) and put on a hospital gown.  I'm still very sore and lifting up my arms is difficult.  After a little maneuvering I'm ready to go.  

Kristen has me lay on my left side.  Yikes, that's where the mastectomy was done.  I gingerly lay down and am ready to go.  She applies warm gel and begins.  The process takes all of 5 minutes and I'm ready to go.

I get my results later.  My heart is just fine.  Let's see, heart fine - check.  Body scan clear - check.

Bone scan clear - check.  Chest xray clear - check.  Blood work fine - check.  And then - breast cancer in my left breast.  Healthy as a horse except for a little breast cancer - lol!


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