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You're What?!?! or Best News Ever!

It started with casual conversation sitting around the kitchen table.  We had invited the boys over for dinner on a Sunday. Actually, we asked them to go to dinner with us and their response was:  We’d rather eat pasta at home. So, Pasta at the house it was. Nick, Molly, Anthony and his girlfriend, Cally.

I’m not sure how we got on the subject but Nick asked me if my nephew, Ryan had come up with my parents “names” as grandparents - Papa and Mimi.  I responded that Shawn started calling my Dad, Papa but my mother was very clear from the beginning she wanted to be called Mimi. She was not a Grandmother - lol!

He asked about Bob about his mother.  The Italian version being Nono and Nona.  Jo, like my mother was also very clear that she would be called Nonie.  There was a lull in the conversation and Nick said “What would you like to be called?”

Bob responded immediately, “Nothing, yet!”  I say at the same time, “I don’t know.”  To which, Nick responded, “Well you have about seven months to figure it out.”


I looked at Molly and said , “Are you really pregnant?”  Yes, she responds. Nick smiles and nods his head yes. I immediately start crying.  I’m going to be a grandmother!” Let me say that again so it sinks in, I’m going to be a grandmother!”  Whoop! Whoop!

A new life is coming into our family.  A precious being who will bring joy and loving energy to all of us.  A new little person to shower with love. Boy? Girl? None of it matters.  There will be a new personality to get to know. A chance to witness the circle of life, to watch my son become a father.  The opportunity to see again just how wonderful life can be through a child’s eyes.

Unconditional love.  Baby Cornacchini isn’t here yet and my heart is already bursting.  That’s what grandbabies are: another chance to love. Having had cancer twice I am filled with immense gratitude that I get to be here to see my grandchild.  Life for me just got sweeter. I think about my own grandmothers and hope I can give my grandchild the loving memories they gave me.

My husband, on the other hand, certainly didn’t have grandparenting on his mind with his response, “Nothing yet.”   I fear my husband will be that grandfather that says “Pull my finger” as his grandchild walks by.  Though as this special news has sunk in, he’s getting excited to meet Baby “C” or little Goomer and he’s sometimes calls the baby.

Life has shown us, once again, just how wonderful it can be.  A child, a new soul, a new life. Baby “C” we are so excited to meet you and are so grateful you will be in our lives!

Now about what I should be called?


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